About Us

The Kids’ Place Preschool was founded in 1961 by local mothers who had previously organized a playgroup for their children.  In 1968 the Nassau Nursery Association Inc. was established, formally making us a not-for-profit, cooperative preschool.  We purchased our building at 13 Church Street soon thereafter, which has been home to The Kids' Place ever since. The board and council consist of parent volunteers, and our only paid staff are our wonderful teachers.


Our preschool is devoted to helping your child develop a positive self image through supervised educational experiences and play.  The Kids' Place provides a variety of group and individual experiences for your child to gain confidence, and learn how to deal with others.  Our nursery school is designed to offer your child the first-hand experience needed to expand your child's world and to build curiosity.

Our Goals
  • Provide children learning experiences by belonging, understanding, doing, and being themselves.


  • Allow each child to progress at an individual pace, in turn developing self-esteem.


  • Provide a home/school atmosphere that will lend itself to successful child development.


  • Build a foundation of basic readiness for Kindergarten.


  • Maintain an individual and personal approach, so that each child may experience understanding, respect, and mental stimulation.


  • Develop in your child, through projects. games, music and varied motor activities, an awareness of their body and it's relationship to the world around them.


  • Encourage good manners, and healthy eating habits.

"One of the benefits of cooperative schools, like ours, is that parents learn how to be involved with school; they show their kids the importance of education by being involved, too."                    

                                                                                                                                                                            - Marcia Montross, retired teacher at The Kid's Place